Reactor & Mixing Vessels

As reactors & mixing vessels are most important equipment of any chemical, drug & pharmaceutical industry, we are taking extra efforts to achieve high quality, durable & safety proven equipment as per CGMP standards since 1998.

Our experience ranges from simple storage vessels to complicated chemical reactor systems with an online auto mode recording & cleaning systems. With our unique combination of in-depth knowledge of engineering design with a flair for documentation, we stand guarantee for the process engineering, operational conditions & sequences.

Heat Exchanger

At IUS we help to improve thermal management in manufacturing industries to achieve a reliable, consistent and highly efficient process.

In the pharmaceutical industry substances used to create cosmetic and pharmaceutical solutions often must be combined, mixed, and processed at specific temperatures, for specific periods of time. Because heat exchangers can provide reliable thermal management for a longer period of time without failing, they are often ideal for helping companies improve production, as well as maintain a high level of quality for their products.

IUS features mainly two types of heat exchangers Shell and Tube type & double tube sheet type with contact part MOC SS316L EP.

Various locations of heat exchanger for pharmaceuticals are:

Point of use – Heat exchanger is used to regulate the process water temperature in the hot loop.

Online – It is generally used for Purified Water during sanitization or to maintain system temperature in the hot loop.

Clean Room Pendant

Clean room pendants are designed in accordance with international pharmacopoeias & CGMP, FDA, and USP standards.

Their main purpose is to take WFI and DM water loops, electrical cabling, insulated steam Line, chilled water, nitrogen line, potable, compressed air line etc.

They are easy for handling and easy hook-up to maintain a barrier between access floors.

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