Hygienic Pigging System / Hygienic Series Product Recovery System

Specifically designed for – Food, Beverages, Cosmetics Etc.

Hygienic Series Product Recovery Systems are used for sanitary products from the food and beverages industry to the pharmaceutical industry where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Specially designed components like launcher, receiver, and fittings are used. Special treatment like electropolishing is also performed on the system to maintain hygiene standards.

Automated Product Recovery System

IUS fully automated systems is a user friendly and fine-tuned solution as per product. IUS product recovery system allows the customer to clean the PIG after every pigging cycle. This allows the user to keep the system closed and eliminate any break required for cleaning. This saves Product, Time & Money.

Manual Product Recovery System

IUS’s manually operated systems are inexpensive ways to keep process piping clean while saving product. It is simple to do manual product recovery with little training.

The product recovery system is our direct solution for customers need

  • Complete Product Recovery and minimize pipeline losses.
  • Easy Cleaning of pipeline in closed piping conditions.
  • Multi Product Transfer with Quick changeover between different products
  • Reduced cross Contamination.
  • No need for major disassembly and assembly work.
  • Low maintenance and user friendly.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI).
  • Modular and upgradeable system for future expansion.
  • Increased sustainability, productivity and efficiency.

The technology of product recovery is applicable to all industries whose process includes liquid transfers in pipeline and system is designed for overall compatibility with CIP.

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