The Importance of an Industrial Series Product Recovery System

In many industrial processes, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical, and cosmetic production, valuable products can be lost in the pipelines during changeovers or cleaning operations. This not only wastes resources and money, but also increases the environmental impact of the process. To minimize these losses and optimize the efficiency of the production line, an industrial series product recovery system can be implemented.

Manual Product Recovery System

A Manual Product Recovery System and product recovery system, also known as a pigging system, uses a device called a pig to push out the residual product from the pipelines into a collection tank or vessel. The pig is a flexible projectile that fits snugly inside the pipeline and is propelled by a liquid or gas medium. The pig travels along the pipeline and scrapes off any product that adheres to the inner walls, leaving them clean and ready for the next batch.

By using a product recovery system, industrial manufacturers can benefit from several advantages, such as:

  1. Complete product recovery and minimize pipeline losses.
  2. Easy Cleaning of pipeline in closed piping conditions.
  3. Multi Product Transfer with quick changeover between different products.
  4. Reduced cross contamination.
  5. No need for major disassembly and assembly work.
  6. Low maintenance and user friendly.
  7. Higher return on investment (ROI).
  8. Modular and upgradeable system for future expansion.
  9. Increased sustainability, productivity and efficiency.

An industrial series product recovery system is designed to handle high-volume and high-viscosity products that are typically used in industrial applications. The system can be customized to suit different pipeline configurations, diameters, lengths, and bends. The system can also be integrated with existing process control systems and sensors to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

A product recovery system is a smart investment for any industrial manufacturer who wants to improve their bottom line and their environmental footprint. By recovering valuable products from the pipelines, the system can pay for itself in a short period of time and provide long-term benefits for the production process.

Product recovery systems can either be automatic or manual. The automatic product recovery system allows the user to keep the system closed and eliminate any break required for cleaning. This saves product, time & money.

The technology of product recovery is applicable to all industries whose process includes liquid transfers in pipeline. The product recovery system can be customized for overall compatibility with the product and pipeline.

Hygienic Series Product Recovery Systems are also available for products like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Specially designed components like launcher, receiver, and fittings are used. Special treatment like electro polishing is also performed on the system to maintain hygiene standards.

Hygienic Series Product Recovery Systems are also available in automatic and manual variations.

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